Deformative Sound Lab

Super Volume

A Videographic Project about Depictions of Volume in Television & Film

Super Volume is a randomly generated supercut collecting instances of volume manipulation from film and television. Each time the web page is refreshed (or the Stop/Randomise button is pressed) the existing database of clips is reshuffled and a new version of the supercut is loaded into the video player. There is no rendered or final version of this supercut, rather it is designed to be added to as and when new clips are found and loaded into the database. This version of Super Volume is accompanied by (but not set to) Gut Feeling by Devo. A mute option is included on the page so that viewers can listen to music of their own choosing (or no music at all) whilst they watch. Read more here

In July 2023, whilst attending a videographic workshop at Bowdoin College in Maine, I ran a small participant experiment exploring the embodied process of watching, listening, and responding to depictions of volume manipulation in films. 'A Tactile Art' is my first videograohic response to that experiment and is indepted to the work and research of Michel Serres and Eliot Bates. Read more here