I’m Cormac Donnelly, a lecturer in Audio Engineering at Futureworks in Manchester, UK.

I’m currently researching a PhD in Film and Television Studies at the University of Glasgow, focused on film sound and videographic practice. This blog is an ongoing journal of my experimental practice, aiming to capture my research in progress. The videos and other material I make available here are the products of usually one evening a week which I (try) to give over to these videographic experiments. These are explorations which may begin with some specific intent, but rarely with any inclination of the end result. Taking my cue from Mark Sample, I present them here as they are, each deformed text is an end in itself.

You can find more of my video essay work on my Vimeo page and I’m also on Twitter.

Any questions or queries please email me cormac@deformativesoundlab.co.uk