The State of the Lab

I presented a paper last month at the Screen Studies Conference 22 on sonic perspective and the moving camera in Panic Room. Part of the presentation included my re-imagining the film as a ghost story, and I couldn’t resist making a trailer for that version of the film.

It’s been quiet in the Lab over the last few weeks. Various external factors (such as the above conference) account for this, but also the fact that, at some point, the experimental process will (should? might?) reveal a productive way forward for a piece of research. As such I am currently working on a new video essay employing some of the ideas from the Sound Stack experiment which I will be presenting at the Theory & Practice of the Video-essay Conference taking place at UMass in September. And I’m also preparing to launch Super Volume, a larger project which will be the first ‘published’ output from the Lab, and will run for the next 12 months or so. More on that in the next few weeks (with any luck).

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