The Double Sound Stack

This work is deeply indebted to the Film Visualizations of Kevin L. Ferguson and the process he describes here (well worth a read).

Two videos this week, but neither of them are the actual ‘output’ from the experiment. The one above is an annotation where I’ve labelled each sound I can hear in this clip from The Double (2013). (I could be much more forensic with the labelling but I’m happy with this for now). This video is interesting on its own, and the annotation deserves some more investigation, but for this experiment, it just feeds the next bit, so on to the process video.

And the result of all this is…..

There is so much more to be done with this, and so many questions to consider. How would a whole film look? Where would I fit all the annotations? Will my computer cope? How else can I view this output? Definitely more on this to come.

PS Thanks to Alan O’Leary for suggesting the name ‘Sound Stack’.

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