Looking for Alternatives

No video this week, but rather some brief thoughts on my current investigations into alternative video platforms for publishing videographic work.

This is a snippet of script from a new idea I’m working on. A few posts back I mentioned the presentation of the deformative work, and I’ve continued thinking on that. In this particular instance, I’m looking at how I can create a bespoke video presentation format which is also an integral aspect of the work. It means creating a custom video player hosted on my own website (and learning some of the coding that goes with that), but the upside is a highly customisable solution which lends itself quite readily to the presentation of audio visual experimentation. I’m not intending to abandon Vimeo just yet, if offers a lot of advantages for publishing video essays, but I’m curious to see what other experimental outputs might be inspired by the flexibility that comes with not publishing on Vimeo.

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